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A Natural Alternative

Hundreds of thousands of California patients have found medicinal marijuana to be a natural, viable herbal alternative to prescription medications for their treatment. The California Medical Board maintains that “A patient need not have failed on all standard medications, in order for a physician to recommend or approve the use of medical marijuana.”

Problems With Pills

Many patients turn to medical marijuana due to their intolerance of pills or their inability to take certain prescriptions. The most common complaints regarding prescribed pills include unwanted side effects, fear of pill addiction, the large amount of pills necessary to take daily or necessary to be effective, and the inability to swallow pills.

You've Got Options!

Patients have found that medical marijuana may safely, effectively replace many of their pills. It can be vaporized and inhaled without smoking, as well as eaten, or used topically. It can help them use less medication, as well as lessen or prevent unwanted side effects of their pills, like nausea, constipation, over-sedation or dependency.Most medical marijuana patients find, with proper use, they have no unwanted side effects, nor fear of addiction, being able to start and stop medicating at will, and may be able to use products, strains or concentrations without getting “high.”

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Our Services

Doctor Evaluation & Letter

A doctor's evaluation and a letter of recommendation is legally required.

Full Protection Services

Optional services for your legal protection include a medical marijuana ID card, legal and court services, growing and caregiving certificates, medical records, and more.

Patient Verification

24/7 patient verification services for your dispensary or delivery service.

Laser Tattoo Removal

Advanced Laser technology to remove any size or color tattoo.



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